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Unit Standard Based Driver Education Programme

(Defensive Driving)

Street Talk is an advanced Driver Education Programme consisting of classroom sessions and practical training sessions.

Restricted Licence holders under 25 years old are able to reduce the time restriction for holding a Class 1 Restricted Licence from 18 months to 12 months*. 

The course can be undertaken at any time on a Learner or Restricted Licence

Unit Standard 3464: (optional)

Describe human risk factors in terms of a self-management strategy for a driver.

Level 2 - 3 credits

Unit Standard 3466: (optional)

Apply risk reduction techniques and strategies while driving. (Driving experience required)

Level 3 - 4 credits

Cost $250.00 includes work books (no unit standards)

($290.00 if unit standards are required) 

Next Course Commencing Monday 22nd August

Numbers Limited - Book Now!!!!

*Restricted Licence holders over 25 years old are able to reduce the time restriction from 6 months to 3 months.